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Welcome to 2nd Shots!

As the years pass quickly and our children grow up, what do we do with the guns they have outgrown? Centennial Gun Club has the answer!

Now there’s a way for them to be enjoyed again. 2nd Shots is Centennial Gun Club’s program aimed at giving your older gun a new life in the hands of the upcoming generation of shooters.

We are actively seeking donations of these guns that will pass our safety check and inspection. These guns will be passed along to new trainees as they enter into the exciting world of shooting sports.

Your generousity towards young shooters will be rewarded with a (Minimum) $50 Membership (per gun) Discount at Centennial Gun Club!

All firearms will be considered. Just stop in our store and talk with our Gunsmith!

Centennial Gun Club is proud to support the education and training of the next generation of young sportsmen and women.