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Safety, FUN and Lunch
Introduction to Firearms and Gun Safety

The Centennial Gun Club Training Center offers a variety of course topics specifically designed for kids and teens. Whether we are teaching them about personal safety, instilling basic shooting skills or preparing them for competition, we recognize that we can play a significant role in developing future generations of responsible gun owners and shooting enthusiasts.

Children are curious – that is a fact. Most children, especially younger ones do not have the self-discipline to always follow your instructions. Therefore, we believe that you not only must educate them about the safety issues, but about guns themselves, along with how they work and safe handling.

Guns and children is a subject you cannot avoid or postpone.  It is critical for your child to know what to do if he or she encounters a gun anywhere, and it is your responsibility, as concerned parents to provide that training.

Come and spend the morning with our training team learning about firearms, basic shooting skills, having fun with our simulator games, live fire on the range and lunch sponsored by The Centennial Gun Club.

Where: Centennial Gun Club Training Facility
Day/Date:  Wednesday 03/28/2017
Time:  9AM-1PM
Cost:  $15.00
Age: 10-17 years old

 Wednesday 06/27/2018 9AM-1PM KIK00106272018 REGISTER

Program & Activities
Eddie Eagle Program: 10-13 years old
First Shots Program: 14-17 years old
Simulator shooting games:  All
Live Fire on the Range: All*
Lunch:  Hot Dogs, Chips and a drink

*Children ages 10 through 17 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian in order for the child to participate in the live fire sessions on the range.  We highly encourage parents/guardians to stay with their child during the program and activities.