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Prepared Citizen™ Training Classes at Centennial Gun Club

We Create Empowering Experiences™

Centennial Gun Club recognizes a rising need for high quality, affordable and engaging educational experiences for all levels of shooters. The growing interest in personal protection and defensive skills, and even basic beginner firearm training and competitive shooting, is why Centennial Gun Club focuses on training experiences as one of the three pillars of our business: Equip • Prepare • PracticeTM.
Choose one of the eight tracks below to get started!


Are you brand new to the world of firearms and shooting sports? Centennial Gun Club takes great pride in providing an atmosphere that is relaxed and fun for new shooters, gently introducing concepts, technics and skills to those who are looking to take their first steps into the exciting world of shooting sports and personal protection. The classes listed below are recommended to those who have never held a firearm before, or never even set foot in a range. Register today, and discover the Centennial Gun Club difference!

From our 2nd Shots program, to our youth-friendly competitions, and our many in-store interactions helping young people choose their first rifle, Centennial Gun Club is proud to support the education and training of the next generation of young sportsmen and women. Our staff and facility is setup to cater to the curiosities and particular requirements that work to create a successful environment for teaching new skills and the importance of safety. Along with our Beginner track (above), the classes listed below are a great start to the young shooter’s path toward firearm proficiency, whether on the range or in the field.

Cited as the #1 reason for taking an interest in firearms, the idea of Personal Protection is rooted in our 2nd Amendment freedom. Centennial Gun Club offers a great number of courses that help you build skills and confidence. Whether you are interested in carrying a handgun in a concealed manner, want to improve your situational awareness and capability, or increase your accuracy under stressful circumstances, the courses we offer provide a welcoming and inclusive setting to ask questions and gain the knowledge that you are needing. We will help you become more comfortable in your quest to provide personal protection to you and your loved ones. Sign up today — our Concealed Carry Level I course is a perfect first step!

As anyone who has been serious about firearms for any length of time will tell you, the first “skill” you must learn is the skill of Safety. At Centennial Gun Club, we are adamant that there is nothing to fear in the world of shooting sports, so long as Safety is a priority. Our courses will work with shooters of all skill levels and help them increase their level of safety awareness, whether at home, on the range, or in the field.

We all love to shoot, but it is far more fun to be able to shoot accurately. Centennial Gun Club offers some fantastic courses that strive to help you become more accurate in a variety of shooting scenarios. No matter if you are a beginner, or a long-range hunting expert, our courses can put you on a path to improved accuracy and consistency. Get that tight pattern that your friends will be envious of — register for a Marksmanship class today!

The growing interest in firearms and popularity of shooting sports has generated a need for more instructors. If you are interested in joining the ranks of teachers and instructors, including becoming a Range Safety Officer (RSO), Centennial Gun Club frequently offers courses from the NRA that will help you achieve your goal.

When Centennial Gun Club was founded, we set out with the purposeful intent of making a “female-friendly” club. We are proud to have made good on that promise, and to be a preferred facility for training and equipping women from all walks of life. There are certain courses that work quite well when provided with a women’s focus. We have found that the focus, goals and pacing of the class (and range) time are far more effective for all class attendees. We are proud to offer these classes, and will be adding more women-focused classes in the future.

Able Shepherd is an elite level, self-defense training program developed and directed by veteran Navy Seal, Jimmy Graham. Through the course of the program, you will be taught armed and unarmed skills, situational leadership and protective tactics. Course graduates become known as “Able Shepherds,” and gain skills that empower themselves to actively protect, guide and strengthen their communities. It is designed to make you and those around you safer.

Training is the Foundation of True Skills Development

Prepared Citizen is our nationally-recognized training program at Centennial Gun Club, and you will find a course perfect for you within our various tracks. If you are new to shooting, we recommend our First Shots, Dynamics of Pistol Shooting, and/or Handgun Proficiency courses. If you are already familiar with firearms and are looking to increase your skill, maybe it is time to look at a concealed carry course, or one of the Insight Firearms Development courses: Deadly Accuracy, Speed Shooting, and Killer Low Light. For those that are ready to invest in the very best defensive training in the nation, our Able Shepherd program is a multi-phase, progressive training program led by Jimmy Graham, former Navy Seal and one of the very best instructors in the world.