Isiah Britt GoFundMe

When a seven-year-old boy heard about Flint, Michigan’s water problems, he wanted to do something to help. He ended up helping every grade school student in the city.

When Flint changed water supplies in 2014, corrosive water from the Flint River caused lead to leach from pipes, contaminating the city’s water supply.

Isiah Britt of Gainesville, Virginia heard that students at Flint’s Eisenhower Elementary School were afraid to wash their hands in the water, so he asked his parents to help him send hand sanitizer to the school.

They helped Isiah launch a GoFundMe campaign to raise $500 — enough for 20 cases of hand sanitizer, one for each classroom at Eisenhower Elementary. But in just over two weeks, people have donated more than $10,000.

That’s enough to supply every classroom at all 12 elementary schools in Flint.

Hand Sanitizer Flint released Danielle Britt

The first shipment of product with alcohol as the active ingredient (above) arrived February 12 at Eisenhower Elementary, and his family is continuing to ship hand sanitizer to other Flint schools.

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“It doesn’t matter if you’re small, it doesn’t mean you can’t do big things” Isiah Britt said in a video thanking donors for their contributions.