Lil man wanted to help dogs and cats. - Imgur MarcusShaw

A five-year-old boy passed up birthday presents in favor of toys and treats for animals in local shelters.

With his birthday early in the year and his Christmas toys still new, Dalton Shaw’s parents asked him if he’d like to do something different for a birthday present.

The little boy with a big heart decided to ask people to donate money for shelter animals. The family already has rescued two dogs and two cats, and Dalton wanted to help the ones he couldn’t bring home.

People showed up at his bowling alley birthday party carrying bags of pet food, treats, and dog and cat toys. Others donated to a pile of cash that totaled  $225–this really delighted Dalton.

The boy’s proud father, Marcus, posted the picture above to Imgur showing off his pile of donations.

“This kid is awesome,” commented the Imgur user ProLicks. “Tell him I’m making a donation to my local humane society because of him, too.”

“That will make his day!” his dad replied.

Dalton will get to see some of the animals he helped as he accompanies his parents to drop off the items at three animal shelters around Savanna, Illinois.