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“I cannot tell you how moved, touched and full of emotion we all were to have had this experience. I left feeling like I wanted to do more. Our girl scout troop will surely keep up this tradition and we will spread the word. I am in awe of what three moms with an idea and clearly great big hearts have created  I want to sincerely thank you for taking what was an amazing idea and making it come to life- you are an inspiration. Congrats to you three and all your helpers on taking the time in what is such a busy season to think of others and put so much time and effort into giving to others.”

S. Ziegler & Girl Scout Troop 63269

Giving Family

“To call us ‘givers’ is a misnomer. I feel much more like a receiver when I see the joy your program brings.”

The Ayers Family

Giving Family

“As a third grade teacher, the earlier you can teach a child they can make a difference, the better. We wanted our own son to learn to appreciate the things he has and know he has the ability to help other people.”

Amy and David Rootes, parents of Elf Braden

Giving Family

“Thank you for allowing our son to have this wonderful experience. I grew up delivering gifts to families in need and will never forget that feeling. I am so happy to have connected with your organization to allow my son the same experience. Yesterday morning before the delivery he shared his “good news” with his kindergarten class that he was going to be Santa’s Elf. His teacher called to let me know how proud he was when he told the class.”

The Coto family

Giving Family

“Fun morning…we delivered the gifts to the boys today…Watching him play with all of the toys was pure joy. It is what the holiday season is all about and we are so glad we got to be elves for this wonderful, loving family. Merry Christmas to you all.”

The Huber Family

Giving Family

“I have to tell you that our time delivering presents with our adopted family was more than I could have hoped for. I had managed my expectations not to expect too much, but to see these kids interact with my kids even with a language barrier was amazing. They were so appreciative and we stayed for over an hour playing with them!”

The Griffin Family

Giving Family

“This was different than other charities. For us, it was the ability to deliver the gifts and see the impact on the children. It made us realize that Christmas is more than the holiday itself. It’s really about giving back and understanding the plight of others. We’re hooked, we’re absolutely hooked.”

Brenda Godfrey, mom of Elf Sienna

Giving Family

“It was an absolutely amazing experience! Hope to be a part of this program next year! Have told many family and friends about it!”

The Strickler Family

Giving Family


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