School Leaders

We Focus On Before & After School

So You Don’t Have To

As educators ourselves, we understand the challenges associated with helping your students grow and prepare for an ever-changing future. This effort gets even harder when you’re also trying to offer education outside of the traditional school day. Let us take on the heavy lifting by partnering with Innovation Learning. We provide extended learning solutions so you can ensure effective and fun education and enrichment opportunities for your students. Whether you’ve never offered extended learning programs or you’ve managed one for years, we will help you to maximize efficiency, generate additional revenue, and improve student outcomes.

Our research-based program model uses Project-Based Learning challenges to teach 21st Century skills that we know children need for the future. Our programs provide STEAM-based curriculum and enrichment activities such as music classes, computer coding and game design. Our curriculum is customizable to meet the resource challenges facing many schools today, and scales to provide one or many services depending upon the need of each school.

Benefits of Partnership

  • Research-Based Curriculum: Our curriculum was developed by doctoral-level educators, teachers, and former school district administrators, and effectively teaches through play and experiential learning.
  • Customizable Programs: No school is alike, so each of our programs can be customized, based on time, staffing needs and other resource requirements. If you can dream it, we can build it.
  • Shared Earnings: We work with you to take away the burden of budgets, and help you offer accessible and cost-effective programs to your students and their families.
  • Automated & Out-Of-The-Box: Rather than putting another burden on your staff, we take on the task of handling enrollment, registration, and tuition collection, all at the flip of a switch.
  • Special Education: Rooted in special education, we have a commitment to providing tailored support services to your students with special needs. We offer professional staff, IEP planning, and other enrichment activities to help these students innovate and grow.


Partnership Services

  • Financial Optimization
  • Program Planning & Development
  • Curriculum
  • Licensing & Accreditation
  • Staffing
  • Program Automation
  • Safety
  • Individually tailored to meet the needs of your school community
  • Instrumental Music
  • Foreign Language
  • Computer Coding & Game Development
  • Engineering
  • Program planning and design
  • Hiring & Staffing
  • Compensatory services offered after school
  • Ancillary services provided before and after school
  • IEP & Behavior Plan Monitoring & Development
  • School Day Programs (self-contained and inclusion-based)

Our Ecosystem of Programs

Before- & After-School

(Including early release and vacation days)

Our core extended learning program provides exciting learning opportunities for children before- and after-school – nearly an extra half-day of learning! This program includes our three component areas: Innovation Stations for STEAM challenges, academic support for homework help, tutoring, and a Discovery Period for structured play and enrichment.

Enrichment Programs

Children should not be limited because they are in need of before- and after- school care. Traditionally, children in need of such services have had to miss out on community-based opportunities that other children enjoy. At Innovation Learning we bring these experiences directly to them. Students can take advantage of our national and local area enrichment partnerships; or we can work with schools to build homegrown enrichment classes to create a menu of exciting activities.

Whether it is computer coding, band, orchestra, theater, karate, or Mandarin Chinese, we leverage our partnerships and curricular resources to tailor each enrichment opportunity to complement the needs of each school community. If you can dream it, we can build it!

Summer Programs

Our summer program further enhances our popular before- & after-school offerings by adding additional enrichment opportunities that are based on themes that spark students’ curiosity and interest. We leverage valuable summertime learning within the context of a fun and exciting environment to combat summer learning loss and better prepare children for the upcoming school year.

Innovation Learning also operates a variety of specialty camp programs that incorporate our STEAM curriculum and popular enrichment activities. These include: band camp, orchestra camp, chemistry camp, space camp, and robotics and engineering camp.

Special Education & Support Services

We place high priority on meeting the needs of all children. Our leadership consists of administrators who have extensive experience working with students with special needs. Our programs are designed to support them with ancillary services, such as speech, music, and art therapy as well as counseling. Before- and after-school programs represent another domain in which to support the Individualized Education Programs (IEP), behavior plans, and to provide compensatory services for each child. We hire only trained professionals to make learning accessible, easy, and fun for everyone!