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What Our Customers Say!

This is the greatest stuff!! I just ordered more (Godzilla size) to accomplish what no carpet cleaning service has ever been able to do - clean all my carpets and upholstery and have it stay clean for more than 2 months! My husband actually spilled a whole can of coke on the carpet as he fell asleep on the couch. I didn't get to it until it had already dried up - but after using the UrineOut Powder on it - you can not even tell where the stain was! My two dogs and 3 cats are precious to me, but now I don't really mind so much of the occasional accident - I have it handled! What piece of mind... Your product does exactly what it claims - how refreshing!

Gina W.
Santa Rosa, California
Dear Planet Urine,

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your CatScram. I was desperate to find a solution to our problem. We did not want to have to get rid of our cats! We put it in a room, and a month later the cats will still not enter that room!! It is a marvelous devise, and we recommend it wholeheartedly to all who have similar problems.

Thank you very much for helping to solve a very frustrating problem at our house!

Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004
I used the product just like the instructions read. I am absolutely thrilled with how well it worked. I had tried probably ten different things on my carpet trying to get the cat urine out and nothing worked. I tried enzymes, soaps, even a product my vet recommended that carpet cleaning places in town were using, but that didn't work.

Thank you for supplying me a product that worked well!!!

Bronx, New York
Dear Planet Urine,

My 15 year old Lab, Huckleberry occasionally has pee/poop accidents in the house. The carpet in my bedroom reeked. I was at my wits end after spending BIG money on stain and smell products that didn't work. Lucky for me I happened on to your website. I love your products! The odors are gone and my carpet looks great! You guys are terrific! Thank You!

Marie W.
Thanks for your quick answer to my e-mail question. I just wanted to tell you are right on as far as your product being effective on miscellaneous stains. I had a "bug" a couple of weeks ago, and got sick (excuse the grossness) all over an expensive oriental rug. I thought it was a goner, but with the help of Planet Urine - it was saved. Thanks!

Lori M.
I have been using your pet stain and urine remover with fantastic results. About 2 weeks ago I really put it to the test. Holly, one of our greyhounds, came into our bedroom and started to vomit. ...she rubbed the vomit into our off white berber carpeting. After vacuuming, not a spot of vomit left. I had confidence the stuff would work, but I was and still amazed. I can't tell enough people about your product. Incidentally, we had our carpet cleaned 3 days before all this happened. After I vacuumed up the powder, the carpet still looked newly steam cleaned.
Thank you,

Dr. Robert K.
Universal Park, FL

I have to tell you that your product is outstanding. It has gotten every stain out of my carpet thus far. And the blacklight......that's a double edged sword. On on hand, it's good to see where the "accidents" are hiding, but I was surprised and the number that I found. With two dogs and two's bound to happen...

I need to have you ship me another bottle of the pre-treatment spray. You have my information on file. Go ahead and bill my VISA.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is to have a product that actually works as well as it claims to.....

Thank you!

Mt. Clemens, MI
Chauncy -

After my husband and I returned from a week long vacation our two dogs decided that they were never going to be left with a dog-sitter again. For six weeks following our return both dogs urinated continuously in the house. The house smelled so bad and their unusual behavior was driving us insane. I was driven to the edge when one evening after I shampooed an area of carpet my Rotty walked right over to the freshly cleaned area and urinated. These dogs are our "kids" but I was furious and at my wits end until I finally found your GREAT product. The dogs have finally forgiven us for having a week of fun without them and our house smells terrific again.

I will always have your product on hand. It is the only one that works!!

San Antonio, TX
Thank you for all your help and phone calls with my cat urine questions. My situation initially had me baffled. I have two cats, a 3 year old neutered male and a 2 1/2 year old spayed female. We were living in a small rental house which I believe had contained some small dogs from the renters before us. My male cat decided that he had a fixation with a 12" by 24" area under my dining room table. He didn't spray it but urinated on a few spots. I treated the areas with a widely marketed competitors enzyme based product but to no avail. The smell would dissipate for a while but returned again in full strength. I consider myself lucky the day I found your web site. I eagerly awaited my order and made a special trip to the UPS pick site just to retrieve it. Needless to say, I rushed home and used the blacklight. My dining area under the table glowed menacingly!

Katy W.
Sedalia, MO

First, I would like to say that your products are GREAT! I used the system on a section of living room carpet that my dog urinated on for a year. It worked wonders. I am no longer ashamed to have people over to my house, since it doesn't smell and the carpet is clean. Other products just masked the smell, yours got rid of it for good.

I also have 2 cats that recently began spraying on clothes that my husband would leave on the floor. I used your Smells No More in the wash, and the smell disappeared. I'm reordering a big bottle for all the smelly areas in my house.

Again, thank you for saving my relationship not only with my dog, but with my cats as well.

Deborah M.
Winthrop, MA

I bought your ultimate kit and it changed our lives. My husband and I rescued two male cats a few years ago and when we moved to our new house April/99 they began to spray in the basement where the prior owners kept their cat's box. We bought extra litter boxes, used soaps, used deodorizers, and nothing worked. We used your products ONCE and they have not sprayed again in 4 weeks. The smell used to be overwhelming when you entered the house but there is NO SMELL now. I volunteer for the humane society and I have been telling everyone whether they are human, feline or canine. My husband and I are thrilled!

Joan E.
Tampa Bay, Florida

Just bought the Ultimate II system to combat a Samoyed with a serious attitude problem (we have a new baby and the dog feels ignored). So far I am VERY impressed - It got the stain out of a $6,000 oriental rug - Is there anyone in the Minneapolis area who does entire rooms?


Ray R.
Bloomington, MN
I cannot stress to you how much your product has helped me. I was afraid I'd lose my security deposit on this apartment. I could not invite friends over. It was awful, and the carpet is almost WHITE. Now, you cannot even tell that kitties ever lived here. I think my kitty is actually happier, too, and we actually have a better relationship. I love hanging out in my apartment again, and coming home to a perfect ivory rug that smells fresh.

Your product is expensive, but not as expensive as spending $20 here and there on things that never work. I'm glad I shelled it out, and if I ever have this problem again, I know EXACTLY where to turn!


Rachel G.
One happy customer

My tenant left our rental unit with a most powerful urine smell, it was overpowering--three large dogs! We were convinced we would have to replace the carpet (new last August). We took a chance, bought the Godzilla package, and...a miracle! The smell is absolutely and completely gone! Gone, gone, gone! And the traffic areas of the carpet are clean as new, too.

We have a shop vac and I am sure it made the job less work, but the real kudos belong to you and your products. We will keep a supply handy for cleanup at the time of "accidents" for the future.

Thanks again and again, Charlene

Charlene T.
Honolulu, HI
I am so sorry, I meant to get back to you sooner than this. I did get the package of product that you sent to me and wanted to say Thanks! We took it all over to my mom's house and tried it on her cat pee stain/smell. I don't know if you remember, but she has a cat that peed in the same spot so many times that she couldn't get the smell out, no matter what she did. Well we cleaned the carpet and used the Smells No More spray, and we were amazed, the smell is gone. It has been two weeks now, and there isn't even a hint of the pee smell anywhere.

I brought the spray home with me and have tried it on anything that smells, shoes, you name it, and I can't believe how well it takes the odour out of things, no colour loss in carpets, no staining, dries quickly etc!

Thanks again!

Hundmeister Reg'd Dobermans
"Greetings Planet Urine,

Just want you to know that your product works for gasoline as well! We spilled quite a bit of gas in the trunk of our car, and it absorbed it with no problem at all! Until we thought of trying Planet Urine's powder, we couldn't stand getting in the car with that repugnant smell :-("

"P.S. Be sure everybody knows it works for MANY other spills and stains!"

Scott S.
Westminster, Colorado
First order worked great! Want to order another to keep on hand for future accidents. Thanks!

Debra J. P.
Upland, CA
"Hi, my name is Linda T., I just had my carpet cleaned. I have very nice Berber carpet, and I also have a Scottie puppy that decided that that was the place to go to the bathroom. Well, I thought it was ruined and that I was going to have to replace 400 sq ft of Berber and, it looks fabulous, it looks like they just laid it 'brand-spanken-new'. So if you have a problem, call these people, they will take care of you."

Linda T.
Castle Rock, Colorado
"We had a very bad urine smell in our house from our very large dog. We tried to get it out with a lot of wet products. They would mask the smell for a while, but we couldn't get rid of it. Finally, we called PLANET URINE Carpet Dry Cleaning, they came in and did an excellent job. Carpet looks like it's brand new, and we're very pleased."

Mark & Carla S.
Parker, Colorado
"I would like to order two (2) of the "URINEOUT POWDER" Carpet Dry Cleaner. Please ship to the same address as our previous order. If you have any questions feel free to give me a call. Thanks--your product is wonderful !!! You are more than welcome to use my comments about your product--- I think it is great -- my new puppy and I get along a lot better knowing I have it around...thanks again and I'm doing ok on the pre-spray at this time."

Denise H.
Parker, Colorado
"Thank you for your products, they are a God-send!!! If you ever need anymore testimonials let me know!!!"

Katie S.
"I have 1 female and 1 male Maltese. My carpets were a mess! In 2 years I had tried many products, none worked very well. After using your products and carefully following instructions, MY CARPETS LOOK LIKE NEW! Thank you for these wonderful products!!!!!"

Nancy W.
Kansas City, Missouri
Excellent Products, Restored our Tan Dining Room Carpet from Pee Yellow back to its original Tan color. Have referred you to others and will continue to do so. Thank You Very Very Much!!!

John F. H.
Columbia, PA
Your products are awesome! I tried one of the enzyme products on an old urine stain and the stain came back with more yellow chroma than the original urine stain. I tried your products and the stain came out completely with one treatment. I am impressed. Thank you very much.

Carol F.
Powell, Ohio
I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with this product! Two dogs and three cats have done their toll on our 2 year old house - but this product took care of the smell! Immediately after the first application in a family room that STUNK, we noticed a difference. With the subsequent two applications, the room smells great and now we can find the last few "hidden" spots. We are going to go throughout the house with your product and are confident we'll have a fresh smelling home again in no time! Thanks!!!

Susan W.
Gambrills, MD
We used this websites "wrap it up" [PU Housetraining Wrappers] method of housebreaking with our male worked like a charm.

Sharon B.
Walkersville, MD
I just wanted to take a minute and tell you what a tremendous product you have. I have spent over 20 years in the cleaning industry and pet stains have always been "The Problem" when it comes to carpet or upholstery cleaning. Planet Urine products eliminate "The Problem" and the best part is that the only equipment necessary to finish the cleaning is a vacuum. Bravo!!

Mike T.
Owner, AA Certified Cleaning Services
We have ordered your great product several times, and it works better than anything else we have tried. But, not ONLY does it get out pet stains and odors, we use it for a LOT of other tough cleaning jobs.

Only today we were doing some painting in our new house, and oops! we spilled a whole can of paint on the carpet (beige), the paint was a medium green color. Then I decided to get the soil release spray and try it on a few smaller spots. It was amazing to see how it cut through that latex paint. After an hour or so there is NO paint color left in the carpet!! We put some of the urine out powder on to soak up any residues left over and can tell it will be as good as new tomorrow.

We are so happy to have had your product on hand! Thank You

Pamela L.
N. Las Vegas, NV
This is the only cleaner that has worked!!! Before using your product I thought I would have to replace my carpets again!!! It really does what you say it will. I have been telling everyone I know about your product. I tell them it works great on ANY stain, not just pet accidents. Dana

Dana G.
Glen Burnie, Maryland
Since I moved into a new apartment one of my cats was starting to urinate in this one particular area. No matter what I did I just could not get that awful urine odor out until I purchase your Ultimate System product a few weeks back and now my carpet is back to smelling wonderful!! Thanks again and I sure will be telling all my friends about your products.

Valerie W.
El Segundo, California
Thanks for making a great product. You have saved us hundreds...we thought we were going to have to replace one year old carpet!

Kristin J.
Olathe, Kansas
The CATSCRAM I ordered from your company was delivered to me last Friday and I immediately took it out of the box and began using it. In my case, it only took a few seconds and my cat has not wandered into the unwanted area since then.

Thank heavens for all your products. No more duct taping plastic bags to walls, doors, and plastic runners.

Valerie W.
El Segundo, CA
We have a 17 year old dog who, due to her age and health, often has "accidents" on our carpeting. I bought your Ultimate II Stain and Odor Removal System. It worked really well for us. Please feel free to use my testimonial on your website. Your product saved our carpet.

Jeff R.
Pinellas Park, Florida
I just wanted to write and say how wonderful your product is! We have tried for MONTHS to get the cat urine smell out of our expensive antique couch. As a last ditch effort before recovering the couch, I found your website and decided to try the product. We are in complete shock that the smell is totally and completely gone! THANK YOU!

Meredith E.
Marietta, Georgia
Thank you for your miracle cleaner! I used it on my leather couch, my cat decided to urinate on repeatedly after I had used several other products. Much to my surprise and delight it took every little bit of the urine smell and stain out! I used the black light to make sure all was gone. She has not even gone back to the spot once!

Thank you again, this product is a true miracle. I have repeatedly recommended it to people.

Diana S.
Aloha, Oregon
Dear Planet Urine,
I purchased the CatScram Ultrasonic Device to keep my cat out of our carpeted bedroom. Our cat is a 14 year old female that has had a habitual problem of urinating on our carpets. We have brought her to the vet several time and tried endless products as this has been going on for years. We were at our wits end. We just remodeled our house and put in all new carpets, she was destroying them! I then purchased the first CatScram and she would no longer enter our bedroom AT ALL!!! I waited about a month to see if she would get used to the CatScram and she did not so I purchased 4 more. One for every other bedroom and one for our media room which is also carpeted. The rest of the house has stone flooring. The catscram works!!! It is perfect for when you do not want a cat in a particular room or area! She will not enter the rooms that have the Catscram. It is safe, odor free, no mess and it is small enough that is not noticeable to guests, etc. Thank you Planet Urine!

Kate A.
Phoenix, Arizona
Yes, you may use my testimony letter on your web site. I am so satisfied with your product and am telling everyone I know who has a dog or cat about your product. My carpet man came the other day to clean the carpets and he could not believe how your product worked. Now after using PlanetUrine when you walk into my house you cannot smell the urine smell any longer and the stains are GONE! It's amazing!!!! And the fragrance of the powder is so refreshing.
Thank you for saving my new carpets!

Gaylan T.
Lafayette, Colorado
Thank you so much for the wonderful products!!! We have tried everything on the market to no avail! I'll bet that I have purchased at least 5 gallons of Natures Miracle each month for the past year trying to keep up with my dog's new found marking habit. When I ordered your products, Alec was quickly approaching his last chance. But thankfully, after a year of cleaning up pee, I have found a product that actually works! Thank you so much. Oh yes, and the wrappers...fantastic! Not to mention the bark stopper. You have no idea how much I appreciate these products and the information provided with them. Thanks again!

Freddie S.
Washington, DC
In addition, I have one more story to share. I have recently moved into a new office and my boss brought a bunch of watermelons for the staff to share. I put one in my office to cut later and then forgot about it. I had to be away for a week or so and when I came back the stench was almost unbearable. I don't know that I had ever smelled a molded watermelon but let me tell is horrible. In an attempt to remove the stain and the smell I tried every product on the market that promised to neutralize odors (I figured I would have to live with the stain). I used Resolve, Oxy Clean. Woolite, Natures Miracle and something called Kaboom (it smelled worse than the stain!) After 3 months, I accepted my defeat and decided to try to cover the odor with air fresheners. It still smelled like molded watermelon but now it had a Lysol twinge, too! Ick!!!

And then came your products. I bought the powder and the sprays to clean up after a dog who is marking everything I own. When I read the brochure that came with the products, it mentioned that it not only worked on doggie problems but also on any organic stain. Nature's Miracle says that, too (but it doesn't work.) What did I have to loose? I took my little sack of bottles and my black light to the office. I felt like I was a character on CSI. I followed the three steps, let it sit overnight, and vacuumed it the next morning. It worked!!! I couldn't believe it! Not only did it remove the smell but it did a fantastic job on removing the stain. I have told so many people about your products. They laugh at the name (Planet Urine) but not at the performance!

Thanks again!
Freddie S.

Freddie S.
Washington, DC
Your website and products are wonderful! Our cat recently decided that our new off-while carpet in the formal living room was more to her liking than her litterbox!! After miles of tape and aluminum foil and anything else we could
think of I learned of your products!! The "cat scram" is amazing!! We put one in each entrance to the room and neither one of our cats will go anywhere near the area!! The cleaning powder removed the stains and the odor!! My husband is thrilled! Thank you so much. I tell everyone I know about your products!
Kelly Collins, Sammamish Washington

Name: Kelly Collins
Pet Name: Ripley

Kelly C.
Sammamish, Washington
The No-P is WONDERFUL!! When Christmas rolled around I wasn't sure what I was going to do with my little Jack Russel "Herbie". He kept trying to mark the tree. Thank goodness I work at, I purchased some of the No-P and sprayed my Christmas Tree, skirt, and decorative stuffed animals with it. Herbie wouldn't even go near that area. As for the UrineOut Powder, It's great too!! Works like a charm. Thank you PlanetUrine, for a wonderful place to work and for your outstanding products!!

Katie H.
Osceola, Missouri
I received your product last week and used it over the weekend. At first when I read the directions I thought oh my this is going to be a lot of work but out of necessity and desperation I was willing to do anything. I must say I was very skeptical but WOW, WOW, WOW. This stuff really works and works better than I ever imagined. I am so happy I could scream from my rooftop and I intend to solicit all of the pet stores in this area to carry your product. Everyone who owns a pet has to have this product.

This is just great. I can't even begin to describe how ecstatic I am. What a concept -- to sell a product that really works - and after trying all the liquid enzymes that DO NOT WORK, this is a godsend.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

P. S. I have 4 cats. Only one of them is the real culprit but his behavior started after I brought in another male and I presume it is a territorial/behavioral problem. I was really suffering from stress wondering how I was going to deal with the problem and now with your product, I don't feel the same stress. I have had to resort to putting my cat on some medicine for a while to hopefully change his behavior but in the meantime, I am not dealing with a urine smell in my home, which is totally unacceptable.

Thank you again for a superb product.

Maria P. and pets,Teddi, Andy, Boonie, Rosemary
Los Angeles, CA
After spending tons of money on all kinds of products, I am happy to say that this one works! I have a white carpet, so the product has to remove the stain 100% or I will still see it, and I'm happy to say, this one does the trick! I was ready to rip out the carpets until this product came along. Also, this was the most cost effective product on the market so far! Thanks, Lisa P.

Lisa P.
South Elgin, IL
Dear Miracle workers: I recently ordered your Ultimate II package. Immediately, I was impressed by your testimonials and the fact that most of these folks, like myself, have tried everything on the market to eliminate the stains and smells. What Can I say but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Finally a product that does exactly what it says it will! This stuff is phenomenal. I've already told customer where I work (Alex Cooper Oriental Rugs), Friends, Co-Workers, and I'm about to talk to the manager of the petsmart here in Townson, Maryland - Highly recommending your product. I rescue abused animals and either find wonderful homes for them or , keep them myself. I have both dogs and cats in my home. I also have a Belgian draft horse who was literally pulled off a slaughter truck. My point is this, if you love animals (and I do - they're my religion!) You are willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy. The down side is the expense (considerable) in both feeding, vets, etc. Add to that the urine staining, and it gets down right discouraging and even more expensive. Your product has given me back my confidence. I'm a clean freak anyway and now if one of my guys has an accident, it's no big deal - PlanetUrine to the rescue!! Most sincere thanks, Susan B., Maryland

Susan B.
Baltimore, MD
I just had to say YOUR PRODUCT REALLY DOES WORK!!!! After spending so much money on the other "miracle" products on the market I was a bit skeptical, to say the least. I used your products and much to my surprise they actually did what is claimed! My house is odor free, my cats have stopped using the carpet as their litter box and my husband has finally stopped complaining about the cats. Your product not only saved my carpet, it very well may have saved my marriage - after all, if it came to him or them....well, I would miss him! I can now have guests drop in without frantically spraying the room to hide the smell. My home is now odor free and I am not worried about unexpected visitors anymore. THANKS!!!!

Lisa, and pets, Tony, Bobby, Gus, Coco, Jezzabelle
Brogue, PA
Your product is wonderful!!!!!!! All the carpet sellers say there is no way to remove pet stains. YES THERE IS!!!!!!

Susan J. and pets Hannah, Taylor
Duluth, Minnesota
You are wonderful!! and I couldn't live without your planeturine products to clean up after my almost house trained Pomeranian/Roxy. She is the love of our lives and with your products NO MORE YELLOW STAINS or ODOR. Even old stains are removed from 2 years ago, amazing...I recommend your products to anyone.

Thanks Again, Debra S.

Debra S.
Solana Beach, Ca
I am amazed!! We just bought a new house a couple weeks ago and a new couch and loveseat. My male cat urinated all over my new loveseat. I was devastated because I have never been able to completely get the cat urine smell out of anything. I was at a loss until I found your website. I had all my payment information typed in then decided I would just go to the pet store. Then my sister told me about a lady at work that used your product and swore by it. I decided to give it a try and even paid for overnight shipping because we were having a party at our house. I have never been so impressed with a product. Thank you so much. My couch is smell free. What a miracle!

Lisa R.
Manteca, Ca
I am really grateful to you for your products. My cat-it took me a lot of time to realize that- was behaving bad as he was very upset with us: we changed the settings in the house and his favorite table was gone. He used to have a leather pillow on the table where we were petting him. I hope now he knows he is loved, we have created plenty of nice places for him, he is very spoiled. I wanted to let you know, maybe some other people will experience the same problem: peeing all over, no urinary track infection, no litter changed, two litter boxes for one cat, one automatic, everything cleaned right away and still peeing twice or even more times a day-every day. Your products worked fine. It took the smell out, didn't damage, it was perfect if we weren't using some others before.

Many thanks,


Forest Hills, NY

I am writing to let you know that I tried your product and am a surprised and satisfied customer. I used it on an month old vomit stain in my daughters room and was amazed that is disappeared almost immediately. I left it to vacuum up later and the stain is totally gone! Then I did the area in our basement that one of my cats was using as a bathroom. I looks great and NO smell!!! My greatest testament to your product is a chair in my livingroom. I had treated it before with other products but could always smell cat urine when sitting in it. I used your product and I could still smell cat urine. Not to be deterred I cleaned a larger area and the arm of the chair. The next morning I could see a urine stain in the powder on the arm of the chair that I did not treat before that time. It showed up very nicely and I did a second treatment without vacuuming up the first and let it sit another day. I then vacuumed and used the Smell No More spay and the NO-PEE spray and there is not a trace of cat urine smell!!!!! Your product is the greatest because in my case it even showed the yellowing of the powder and outline of the stain so I knew I had the right spot. I had tried my blacklight on the chair but did not shine in on the arm area so other than your product I would not have known if I was treating the right spot.

The Cat Scrams are working great too. I put one by my back door where the cats hang out in hopes of a quick escape. Now they are never over there and I can go in and out without them trying to sneak by me. The other is downstairs protecting the area I just cleaned and they are never over there either.

Thank you so much for your products. I am going to use it to clean my whole livingroom off white Berber carpet. I cleaned a spot and it came so clean that I figure my carpet will look like new when I get done.


Sherry York

Sherry Y.
Comstock Park, MI
Dear Planet Urine,

I was desperate when searching the internet for a solution on how to get cat urine odor out of our hardwood floors.I have to admit I was skeptical of your product after spending tons of money on Nature's Miracle.(which seemed to bring out the smell more) I was also nervous about ruining our new hardwood floors with a harsh cleaner. Our cats had been urinating on our throw rugs and it had gone through into the floor.

After hearing my husband complain EVERY minute of the day on how bad our new house was smelling, I broke down and bought your no smells product (the hardwood floors kit). I was hesitant on spending more money on a product that wouldn't work.

Well, let me tell you how shocked I was when your product actually worked!! The first time!! There were no harsh odors, and I did test it out on a small area of the floor first. Our floors not only look great, but we are unable to smell ANY cat urine at all!!! I am AMAZED! I am also telling anyone I know about this product. It seems expensive at first, but after adding up all of the money I've spent on gallons of Nature's Miracle, it's sooo worth the price. It also saves on time. I would always have to go back and retreat the areas with Nature's Miracle, only to be disappointed. Your product is completely different, and I am extremely pleased.Thank you sooo much.

You saved our cats lives, and plenty of future arguments with my husband!

R. Cooney
Boulder, Colorado
Planet Urine,

Thank you so much for recommending the new Cat Attract Litter...My cat, Nemo, was so interested in it that he actually slept in the new litter when I filled the new box! I had a hard time getting him out of it! He was definitely attracted to it. One of the other benefits is that when I scooped the box for the first time, it was so easy. It clumps wonderfully and there is absolutely no odor! I would like to re-order another bag, and will never purchase "Generic" litter again! Thank you for helping me escape the "Planet Urine"!

Cherie' & Nemo B.
Warsaw Missouri
Where have you been all my life !!??After using several products "Claiming" to get dog urine stains out along with the smell associated with said stains, I FINALLY found a product that works as stated!My old dog Roz recently began having seizures and loosing control of his bladder. This product is HEAVEN SENT! IT WORKS GREAT !!!

Many Thanks.

Your company and products are a lifesaver (literally)! I've been using your urine-out powder for about 4 months now, which has been long enough for me to confidently and joyously provide you with positive feedback. I am the owner of a feisty dog who, despite hundreds of dollars spent on well-recommended trainers and ever "dog-whisperers", still has a mind of his own and occasionally urinates on carpet and sometimes even the couch! After exhausting every possible avenue I could think of which would enable me to keep him, I came across your website. See, I had used the "miracle" cleaners, I had used sprays and bottles and soaks and if nothing else, they seemed to make problem areas even worse! Now, in addition to smells, I had large, discolored areas on my cream-colored carpets and a dog that was about to be booted out the door. After reading page after page of reviews, I decided to go for the Godzilla Buster, figuring with the guarantee I had nothing to lose.

Thank goodness I made that decision! Not only has your system cleaned my carpets (of ALL odor and ALL discoloration), but it also cleaned my couch cushions!

I don't know how a powder applied to the surface of a thick cushion (or mattress) can be so effective, but TRUST ME IT IS! I am still a little upset when my dog "goes" where he shouldn't, but I am no longer considering giving him up due to your product. I am also still pursuing training, but in the meantime I know that I can depend on a product which will clean whatever I apply it to. The only additional cost was for me to purchase a "shop-vac" to extract the powder. All in all, well worth all the cost and 100x more effective than anything else I had tried. What a bargain, at any price! Thank you!

Amanda H,
Round Lake Beach, IL
I'm an eighty-four year old confined to a power wheelchair. Recently, my chair experienced some mechanical difficulties and leaked grease on my carpet. I tried everything on the stains: carpet cleaner, all-purpose cleaners, sprays, powders, and nothing worked until I tried Planet Urine's dry powder. IT WORKED GREAT!!! No sign of the stains at all!! Thanks Planet Urine!!

Bud E.
Evergreen, CO

June H.
Houston, TX
Name: Phyllis Font

Comments: I just had to tell you.... I rarely write testimonials for products, but yours truly deserves it!

We carpeted our entire house a year ago, with high quality padding and carpet.... off white in color.... then we fell in love with 2 golden retriever puppies! Well, accidents did happen on our carpet, over and over again. We were heartsick over the urine stains to our carpet.

We tried everything, including other products with money backed guarantees. Nothing worked, including having our carpet professionally cleaned. Somehow, I learned of your product, and thought I'd give it a try.

We can't say enough about how absolutely beautiful our carpet now looks after using Urine Out powder and mist.There is no trace of urine that was once "set in". Our carpet looks as new as the day we had it installed!

Our retrievers are now 8 months old, with no accidents in a long time, but your product is safely stored in our house for use with any future spills or stains. It's gratifying to know that there are still companies out there that say what they mean when they advertise.
Thanks for saving us thousands in new carpet, and a return to a home where our pets bring us great love and joy. Phyllis Font, Parkville, Mo.

Phyllis Font
Parkville, Missouri
Urine out powder is the greatest stuff. I just cant believe it really took out the smell of dog urine! Its so nice to sit on the porch and not smell DOGGY smells. Keep making Urine out powder!! From a very great full customer.

Alexa Groth
Bokeelia, Florida
Chauncy Ė well I am impressed. The PU Housetraining Wrappers have been a success. My Jack Russell Terrier, Jack, never soiled the Wrapper once and he has been wearing it for a week now. He has graduated to wearing it only at night now and still no messes!! Yeah!! I have spot cleaned all of the soiled carpet areas with the Ultimate II Cleaning System. I had to clean one area three times it was so bad but with each cleaning it got better. Iím no longer embarrassed when family and friends drop in, because my house no longer smells like dog urine!! YEAH!!! Thank you ever so much, Sue Peterson

Farmington, Iowa
I ordered your house training wrappers [PU Housetraining Wrappers] for our male dog. I can't tell how pleased I am that they worked! Beau is an older rescue dog and I thought we would not be able to break him of this habit but after using your product for about 12 days, Beau has not had marked in the house again. Thank you so much!!

Krista L.
Seattle, WA
I am usually skeptical of "miracle fix" claims, especially ones I see on the internet. But I was desperately searching for something to get a dog urine stain and odor out of an expensive Oriental rug and decided to take a chance with the "Prove-It" kit. The product worked even better than I could have expected - stain and order completely gone. I have now reordered the Godzilla kit to keep on hand for any future accidents and to use on the concrete basement floor. Thank you for such a wonderful product that does exactly what it is advertised to do.
Kathy B., Birmingham, Alabama

Kathy B.
Birmingham, Alabama
Please feel free to use my email in any testimonial or reference. I am totally impressed with your product. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

"Recently, one of our cats began using the corner of our master bedroom as a new place to go to the bathroom. I don't have to tell you just how terrible the smell of cat urine is (especially in your bedroom).

We tried everything from store bought products to home remedies to remove the odor; nothing worked. We were just about to re-carpet our bedroom when I found Planet Urine online.

I have to admit that our prior experiences with other products left us a bit skeptical. After all, each product we bought made similar promises of removing the odor with less than favorable results.

Make no mistake about it, Planet Urine is different than anything else because it works! Follow the instructions (a few applications may be necessary). I left the powder on for 24 hours before vacuuming it up and did 3 applications. The odor and the stain are completely gone and my wife and I are enjoying our bedroom and cat once again.

Gary & Madeline Albert
Washington, DC

Gary & Madeline Albert
Washington, DC
I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT!!!! I actually have a picture of my carpet before and after- sent it to my sister and she's buying it too!!!!! My carpet was pee/poop (toddler)/food/cat grease (yes, cat grease- we have hairless cats and when you don't wash them they get greasy and leave a brown stain)- it looks brand new!!! I had a professional service in to clean my carpets- so expensive, and they did not get the pet stains up and the odor remained. I wish I had found Planet Urine sooner!

M. Woolley
Highland Lakes, Nebraska
Found your site and read the testimonials, could this stuff really work that well?? I just had to write.

I adopted a senior dog and he has had a few accidents in the adjustment phase. Bought the prove it kit and was shocked at how good this works. It removed all the new accident marks. I then went around and tried it on 2 old stains left over from my last dog that had passed away. These stains had been "cleaned" by a professional steam cleaning carpet service. They always look like they're gone but then after the rug dries they magically re-appear.

These stains are now completely gone. I never would have believed the old stains could be removed. I couldn't be happier and am now looking for more stains that I may have missed with the blacklight. This stuff is amazing. Thank You. Thank You.

M.E. Lehn
Westport, Connecticut
Comments/Special Delivery Instructions:

Hi Chauncy,

Just to let you know this is the first product I've tried that really works. I was about to get rid of the carpet but now it look beautiful.

I've had it professionally cleaned and deodorized by Stanly Steamer for years and it got so bad. The smell of urine lingered until I found your product. Thanks again and let me know when you have sales.


Repeat order:
The Godzilla Buster w/ Free Blacklight

Clara Stewart
Reno, Nevada
I just wanted to tell you how impressed I've been with your product. Wow! I've tried everything in the past and this is by far the best thing I've ever seen. My carpet looks like new again! I will be ordering some more in the next few days. Thank you!!! A very satisfied customer - Sandee

Sandee L.
Spring Hill, Florida
Thanks for a truly GREAT product! The urine out powder kit I ordered was the best thing I ever did for cat had been going on the carpet for awhile before I found it..the carpet was brown app. 8-12" from the edge over about an area 8' long. It took 2 treatments but it ALL came out and is now odor free! I recently reordered another tub of powder just in case..your product is wonderful and I have been telling everyone about it! Thanks again!

Alanna D.
Marion, OH
lonniejean96 @
Cleaning Up After a Party

Last week we had 20 people at our house for little get together and it was crazy! It was like our wedding day because so much was going on that I hardly remember much of it.

One thing I do remember was one of our guests spilling a vodka/cranberry on our white carpet. I also remember Winston getting sick later that night because he ate too many scraps off of the floor from people's appetizers.

Needless to say it's time to clean up our carpet and furniture, and there is no better product for removing the cranberry stains or Winston's vomit from our white carpet than the UrineOut Powder. It works on SO MANY stains and odors, not just urine! If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend at least trying Planet Urine's Prove-It Kit.


Hannah S.
Oklahoma City, OK
To: "Planet Urine Support"
Subject: Re: - Old/Dry or New/Wet Urine

I have to admit I was very skeptical about spending that much money. I did buy the product and cleaned the smelly carpet yesterday. I could not believe it. As I was using it I was thinking how will this work. I used the smells no more and the no P. My cat just looked at the carpet and walked away. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LaVonne H.
Elysian, Minnesota
OMG!! I never thought we could get our basement clean or smelling good again, but your product proved me wrong!! Our basement floor was covered in dog urine and feces! It was everywhere and the smell was awful! But not only did your product take out every single stain on the concrete, it took the smell with it. I cried the day we finished it because now I am not ashamed to have people over!! Thank you so much!!! I recommended you to everyone I know and they have also enjoyed your products!!

Lisa K.
Cortland, Ohio

I have used many products on my carpet, tooooooo many, to get the pee out and your product works and leaves no visible residue. My problem was that I have a light colored carpet and the cleaners I had used in the past MAYBE took the pee out but left a tan stain behind even after it was professionally cleaned.

I was about to replace my carpet with some carpet squares the can be removed and cleaned as needed. But financially at this time it is not possible nor any time in the near future. So I was determined to find something that would work. I searched the internet again and tried vinegar, baking soda and detergent it worked pretty well, but... both of the above methods take a long time to dry.

Now I have 4, yes 4 Chihuahuas and we have not been the best at potty training. And yes we are going to keep the dogs. I am very glad I have found your product.

Kathy Clark
Very happy customer

Kathy Clark
Escondido, California
Name: Erica

I am so amazed!!! I admit that I was the queen of skeptics and am so perplexed and dumbfounded that the disgusting pet stained carpet in our rental house looks like new. I was so prepared to be asking for my money back that I took tons of pictures so that I could prove my case... but there is NO NEED except to show how amazing this product is. We spent an ungodly amount of money on a carpet cleaning company that had a special pet treatment for urine, and it didn't work at all, but almost even made it worse. I tried this out the second it came in the mail and my house is rid of the smell and there is not one stain left on the carpet. Thank you so much, I am a firm believer in this product, I don't know how you do it, and I don't care, I would pay 3 times what you sell it for to end up with results like these. Thank you!!!

Erica H.
Gainsville, Virginia
Okay, I received my order, and tried it yesterday. I vacuumed this morning, and I am not only impressed, but delighted! Rarely does something like this work as advertised. I take in shelter dogs, and often the stress causes them to "forget" their indoor habits. This Urine-Out powder is a miracle, a God-send! I will tell all my friends, my vet and everyone I know with pets!
Thanks so much for providing such a quality product.
Warm regards,
Joanna Briggs

Joanna B.
Magnolia, New Jersey
Thank you! I just want you to know I have 4 dogs. Two of them are seniors so we have accidents sometimes. I LOVE the planet urine powder. This is positively the best product I have ever used. I can not say enough about it. I would still buy it if it cost 3 times the amount you charge.

Every pet owner or anyone who has children should have a supply of it in their home. I have removed grease, blood, grape juice stains, pet urine, coffee and tea stains, and stains I could not identify what the heck they even were. I have been using this product for 8 years and I am a customer for life!

Gayle H.
Halifax, Pennsylvania
02:06 PM 6/15/2010:
Name: Elizabeth M.

Your product is amazing! I tried everything to get urine stains and odor out of the carpet and nothing worked. I came across your website and decided to give your product a try. After following instructions, I could not believe how the stains and odor were completely removed!

I recently used the urine out powder after my dog vomited on the carpet. It took that out and left the carpet looking and smelling like new. Thank you for your amazing products.

Elizabeth M.
Colorado Springs
OK, Iíve never written a testimonial for a product that gets urine smell out because I never found one that worked until yours!
Iíve got a 17 year old cat who decided to start using the carpet a couple of years ago. She also kept using the litterbox so it was very frustrating.
You name the pet store product and Iíve tried it to get the smell out. Some hid it or masked it briefly but nothing made it disappear. Repeated treatments did not work. I even bought an expensive carpet cleaner and was using it several times a week.
Then I tried your Ultimate II Cleaning System. I used it more than once and relocated the cat to the screened pool area. I didnít have much in the way of stains since Iíd been shampooing so often. It was the smell I couldnít get rid of. YOUR STUFF WORKED!!!
I wish Iíd found it long ago! There is now ZERO urine smell which I thought would never happen.
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Howard T.
Land O Lakes, Florida
Thank you Planet Urine for your support of animal welfare/rescue groups! AND for having a product that brings sanity to our lives!!! We have VERY big messes to clean up and your product hands down is the best any of us have used!!!! So THANK YOU!!!! And thank you for your support.


Cathy Dlugosz
Mid Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League

Cathy Dlugosz
North Arlington, NJ
You have already helped me, thank you! This system is the first cleaner that really works. I should know, I have had dogs all my life (long time) and you would never believe how many things I have tried. Some worked better than others, but none of them compare to your system! It really solves an issue for me that I have searched for an answer to, and never found...until now. Thank you so much!

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109

Kathryn T.
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109
From: Joe Kozak
Subject: Male Dog Marking & Urination Problems

Just a short THANK YOU for the PU Housetraining wrapper.

Our male dog was housebroken in 2 DAYS!!... A simple solution to a difficult problem!

Joe Kozak
Lauderdale By The Sea, Florida 33308
Subject: Re: Following Up Regarding Cat Behavior Tips

We tried your recommendation of changing the cat litter to the one you recommend and also brought a new box to put it in. So far this is working out well. The vet had no clue what caused this behavior change in Maggie. Very perplexing. The other cats do not have this problem.
We have four total. Maggie and her sister Betsy who are almost 17 as well as their mother and one I refer to as the aunt who are both 18. Maggie suffered trauma when she was just a kitten and has actually never seemed quite right. But now, with this problem sorted, we are a much happier household. Thank you so much for your help.

Again, thank you.

Deanna A.
Dear Chauncy,

I did receive your tips and I appreciate them. I took Tiffany to the vet and he is treating her for a urinary infection. Her behavior has turned around and she is now consistently using the litter box. I bet she is feeling better!! Thank you for your tips.

Diane & Tiffany

Diane & Tiffany The Cat
Seattle, Washington
First Name: Violet
Last Name: Nelson
Pet Type: Dog
Pet Name: Spencer
Pet Age: 5
Pet Sex: Male

Additional Info: Just want you to know that Spencer loves his wraps! I can't believe it. He finally seems to have the message and I only wrap him at bedtime. He happily stands and waits till he is all wound up. Thanks so much!

Violet Nelson
Newfane, NY
Subject: Re: Following Up Regarding Cat Behavior Tips
From: Clay L.
To: ""

Your products worked great. We are now enjoying a litter-trained cat!

Sent from my iPhone

Clay L.
Subject: Re: It's No Secret - Pet Stain & Odor Removal Made Easy!

I just wanted to say thank you - thank you - thank you! I used your system on my bedroom and hallway carpeting that had been badly stained with puppy urine (and cleaned every three months by a professional carpet cleaning service) but the stains would always reappear in a matter of a couple of weeks. Not so with your product. I am so pleased and so happy with your dry powder system.

Also, I am using the "wrapper" on my male dog that was doing the staining. This is the second week and for the past two days I have left the wrap off and he now asks to go outside to do his business. He is three years old but I do believe this is going to work for us. Sincerely, thank you again for your help.


Doris C.
Mesa, Arizona
Repeat/Ordered Before

Comments/Special Delivery Instructions:

I did not believe the marketing hype at first, but now let me contribute to it! This is the best pet stain remover I have ever used. We had two that were quite old and now they are both GONE!

John H.
Phoenixville, PA
Just wanted to let you know that your product worked very well. The stain came out, and I must admit that I was quite dubious about the efficacy of your product. You have made a believer out of me and I thank you very much!

Warmest regards,

Ellen Burnett

Ellen Burnett
Punta Gorda, Florida
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