Pee, Poop & Vomit Happens

Let's face it, if you're a human, or you live with another human and/or pet, then you know that cleaning up after your kids or furry friend is a part of life. Getting upset about it is unnecessary. We need to forgive when pee, poop and vomit happens.

Last week we babysat my parents dog Taylor, a Westie (our family loves West Highland Terriers) with a skittish tendency. He refuses to go up more than 3 stairs and he hates slippery surfaces. It's funny, but when he needs to get up our back patio stairs, or across our kitchen linoleum, he stops to "think" about it. And after he's mentally prepared himself, he finally accomplishes his goal in one big burst of energy and either gets up the couple of stairs or across the floor to the next spot of carpet.

We let Taylor sleep in our room (which is upstairs) when he visits. At night and in the morning, I carry Taylor up and down the stairs, and I need to stealthily pick him up fast enough without him knowing, because if he knows I'm going to pick him up, he'll get anxious and he'll pee.

A couple times I wasn't sly enough and he got at least a couple pee drops out, in addition to a full spot from the first night. And let me tell you, Taylor's pee is golden! His pee and our white carpet contrast so much they must be on the opposite sides of the color wheel! I just thank God I have UrineOut Powder and all the other great urine removal products that Planet Urine sells.

But when my folks came to pick Taylor up, they were apologetic. However, I assured them their apologies were unnecessary because as I see it, "pee, poop and vomit happens".

As a pet owner and a father of two little boys, whether I'm changing diapers, applying more UrineOut Powder because of a pee accident, cleaning up vomit, or picking up the backyard, it's really not that big of a deal. I've learned to just get over it.

Scott Smeester
PetTails Editor

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Last week we had 20 people at our house for Thanksgiving and it was crazy! It was like our wedding day because so much was going on that I hardly remember much of it.

One thing I do remember was my aunt spilling cranberry sauce on our white carpet. I also remember Winston getting sick later that night because he ate too many scraps off of the floor.

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