Preparing Your Child For Their Future

Is Fun!

We all want our children to dream, grow and become the best they can be, and with Innovation Learning’s extended learning programs they can. With project-based programs designed by education experts, your child can participate in hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math) activities, guided and active play, and personalized academic support, all in the safety of their own school.

Just sign them up and watch them grow!

Everyday Activities

We know that if children do not get the Innovation Learning experience that we will never have the opportunity to make a difference. Our project-based curriculum fosters your child’s interests and curiosities by encouraging them to complete innovation challenges at our many stations and activity centers. These activities include game-like challenges in robotics, chemistry, physics, engineering, and math. Through these activities your child will learn creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration skills.

Each day your child and their peers will learn these skills and participate in experiences through our learning periods and stations:

  • Connector.

    Innovation Stations

    Project-based learning challenges anchored in STEAM and experiential learning

  • Connector.

    Discovery Period

    Supervised and guided play and enrichment activities such as music, arts, and languages

  • Connector.

    Academic Support

    Individual homework support and small group tutoring sessions. Their work will be completed and checked all before parent pickup!

Additional Programs

With approval from your school, Innovation Learning will offer these additional programs to better serve your child.

Enrichment Programs: Just because you’re at work and your child is in an extended learning program does not mean that your child has to miss out. Our enrichment programs seek to bring community-based offerings to your child in the safety and security of their school. We partner with and provide specialized programs that bring in art, technology, design and other activities from the community to allow for additional opportunities of discovery.

Special Needs & Support Services: Our specialized programs and professional staff support children with special needs so they can enjoy the before- and after-school learning experience too!

Supporting Local PTO’s & PTA’s

We know educating our children takes a village. That’s why we make it easy for PTO’s and PTA’s to partner with us to make before- and after-school programming an integral part of their fundraising efforts. By partnering together, we help you increase revenue for your school by handling the fundraising logistics so you can focus on what you do best.


Families Love Innovation Learning

  • Learning challenges that are fun
  • Kids prepared for the future, learning tech skills
  • Homework complete = family evenings together
  • Convenient and safe… right at school
  • Trusted teachers and staff